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Introducing the

The team behind is excited to announce the launch of our first tool for lawyers: the Lawyerist Productivity Journal. We’ve built our brand, in part, on our belief that lawyers should go “paperless.” We remain steadfast in our belief that law firm files and documents should be scanned, organized, and backed-up digitally.

But we also love working with pens and paper and find them to be the most productive tools for organizing ideas, taking notes, and thinking through big goals.

So, with the help of Bindertek, we’ve launched a paper-based planner, productivity tool, and note-taking system designed for easy paperless scanning. Using Bindertek’s Boundless journal system, you can organize and customize the Lawyerist Productivity Journal to suit the needs of your law practice while implementing all of the best productivity practices Lawyerist has developed over the past decade.

It’s a beautiful notebook you can use with your favorite fancy pens (if you’re into that kind of thing) and will keep all of your practice management and client case notes structured and organized the way you need them. We’re really proud of it and excited for lawyers around the country to use it.

Designed by lawyers, for lawyers

Expertise honed over the past decade led to the design of the Lawyerist Productivity Journal’s five sections:

01 Goals

A list of 2 to 5 things you want to accomplish.

02 Projects

Stay on top of all your active client matters and business projects.

03 Tasks

More than a to-do list, your are organized according to contexts like Office, Home, Computer, and Phone.

04 Schedule

The heart of your management system: organize your most important action items and block out the time to get them done.

05 Notes

Pages based on the Cornell note-taking method.


Adapted in a disc notebook system for endless flexibility, the innovative Mylar® reinforced paper ensures durability every time you take out, rearrange and replace the contents. Pair this analog solution with your existing digital tools to craft a well-rounded work-flow.

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